About us

We’re John and Brenda Steinsky from Prince Edward Island. John’s a first-generation Czech Canadian. We are both eager to share the Czechs' secret to living well: lager beer! When it comes to a satisfying and easy-drinking beer, you simply cannot beat the crisp refreshing flavor of a Czech lager.

We believe that beer is best when it’s fresh. Freshness starts locally. We’re confident that home and craft brewers can brew great Czech lagers—if they have access to great Czech ingredients (and maybe a bit of know-how). That’s what we’re here to provide.

The Bines

We sell specialty hops (and malt) from the Czech Republic to Canadian Breweries.

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The Vines

OK, so we’re not just about beer. The Czechs produce some amazing wines, including “super organic” red and whites.

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We understand that brewing beer is not as simple as hooking up the equipment and saying “have at it, call us if you have problems.”

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