Sonberk Riesling
Noble Rot

About the Wine

Sonberk Riesling Noble Rot is a semi-dry Riesling with a significant proportion of botrytis grapes. Botrytis is the beneficial form of a grey fungus that forms after the fruit is ripen but exposed to wet or moist conditions. If the grapes are then exposed to drier conditions and become partially raisined, noble rot occurs. Noble rot grapes produce particularly fine and concentrated sweet wine.

Alcohol: 13%
Residual Sugar: 16.9
Acids: 8.8

Food Pairings

Because noble rot wines tend to be sweeter, they pair very well with desserts, particularly custard-based choices such as panna cotta, crème brulé, and even cheesecake. They can also work well with savory items such as pate, fois gras and blue cheese. Of course, enjoying them by the glass is always an option!

The Change Up

Try using 1 part wine to 2 parts premium vodka to make a martini.

About the Winery

Sonberk Winery was founded in 2003, in Popice, within the largest wine subregion in Czechia, Mikulov. The location is known historically to have excellent terroir and climate for grapes since vines were first planted here by the Romans in the 2nd century AD. The winery set out to grow the highest quality grapes to produce the highest quality wines, and judging by their numerous annual awards, Winemaker Josef Slouk is achieving this mandate.

Sonberk is a low intervention winery. The 40 hectares (80 acres) of vines are cut back to 1.5 kg of grapes per vine to ensure maximum quality. The winery produces between 50,000 and 150,000 bottles annually depending on the quality of the harvest.

The winery serves both an industrial and architectural purpose. The lower area houses the primary winemaking, storage and bottling facilities. The main level is both a gathering place and a tasting room, with views of the Palava Hills, one of the most photographed scenes in Czech wine country. The wave-like roof has storage areas underneath, which allows grapes to dry naturally on beds of straw. These grapes are used to produce the Czech famous “slamové” or straw wine.

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About Us

We’re John and Brenda Steinsky from PEI. John is a proud first-generation Czech Canadian. Since May 2018, he has served as an Honorary Consul for the Czech Republic in PEI and New Brunswick, also covering Nova Scotia and Newfoundland in an “acting” capacity. In addition to providing consular services to Czech nationals in these provinces, John was keen to promote “economic diplomacy” with Atlantic Canadians, by sharing Czech goods and services they otherwise might not have access to.

Beer and wine seemed like good fits given the proliferation of craft brewing in the Maritimes and local interest in "new old-world wines." Czech wine is often described as "the best wines you’ve never heard of." We’re hoping to change that!